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Welcome to BMG

This is my new and improved home webpage. BMG has
different designs & layouts throughout it's pages - this is to
show my web design skills - the website is not broken!

Why not check out my Services, Online Portfolio and CV to see
if I am appropriate for any work you have in mind, work
opportunities. Click the links above to view my Services, Online Portfolio and download my CV.

I am a reliable, trustworthy, meticulous person who is keen to work and gain experience to use the many skills learnt over the past few years. In return I will prove a diligent, hardworking and highly motivated employee, giving 100% to be doing something that I love.


Old Work - Pacman Viral Video

The Pacman viral video project was my most enjoyable and was completed as part of my studies at the Arts Institute at Bournmouth
for the Digital Sound and Video Production assesment. This was to produce a viral video to promote the Interactive Media course I was
on. The viral video has to makepeople want to watch it over and over and send it to their friends, over the internet.

This was a group project and we all came up with a mad idea to
make old classic games come alive in the centre of Bournemouth,
our first was Tetris but that plan worked out to expensive, so this is
how Pacman evolved. Part of our mission was to make it a great
and enjoyable day, which we archived as lots of people got
involved. Our video was uploaded to YouTube and has had 7,682
views since 26 March 2007 as of 11 May 2009.

Why not play the video above to see Pacman's antics
with Inky the ghost around Bournemouth Town.


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