The metropolitan transportation authority (MTA) has launched a live digital map that lets users navigate the new york subway system in real-time. the ambitious project marks the subway map’s first major redesign in four decades, replacing the design by unimark international and michael hertz associates seen widely on printed maps today. the live map seeks to merge the best features of the existing printed map with massimo vignelli’s approach by overlaying clear and detailed track routes atop a geographically-correct street grid that becomes more detailed as the user zooms in.

The new map, which allows riders to plan trips more easily by taking into account service changes and seeing train movements as they happen, is the byproduct of an 18 month-long, public-private partnership between the MTA, the transit innovation partnership, and brooklyn-based global design and technology firm work & co. currently in its beta phase, the map, which can be accessed here, will ultimately serve as the primary interactive means for moving around the subway system.

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