Being Human Series 3 Episode 1 Lia (BBC iPlayer)

If Mitchell is to rescue Annie from purgatory, then first he must face up to his haunting past. Meanwhile, George is arrested moments before the full moon.

Broadcast on BBC Three, 09:00PM Sun, 23 Jan 2011
Available for a limited time period only, normally 1 week from broadcast,
if a series until it finishes on TV.

Available until 20 March 2011

Being Human Website

Annie – Lenora Crichlow
Mitchell – Aidan Turner
George – Russell Tovey
Nina – Sinead Keenan
McNair – Robson Green
Lia – Lacey Turner
Vincent – Paul Kaye
Tom – Michael Socha
Bob – Kai Owen
Sean Hancock – Philip Brook
Paul Jameson – Gwyn Jones
Blodwen – Trudi Jackson
Policeman – Rhys Matthews

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