Being Human Returns February 5th at 9:00pm BBC Three


‘I think you’ve got a fight on your hands.’

Oh George. Oh Annie. Oh Nina.

I have just watched Series 3, Episode 8 again and I’m exhausted.  A total wreck.  Broken.  George’s words of defiance in the face of Wyndam’s cold menace made my heart heavy with pride… and yet somehow, deep down in a dark corner I fear for them all.

Nina is pregnant, her ‘Fuzzy’ growing at an alarming rate. George is undoubtedly changed forever after the devastation of killing his best friend; he is alone in his role – as the man of the house and as a soon to be father of a child – a werechild? Annie has lost her one true love after discovering the very worst in him.  And all around them, the Vampires descend.

They are all, each of them, in a precarious place.  Oh man, they’re soooo gonna need back up.

So – we know a FEW things of Being Human 4 – but what do we really know?  We know we will meet Hal.  And we know Hal is an Old One.  We know the Old Ones are coming – but have they arrived already? We know Tom is back (much to this blogger’s delight). And we know that we are in for some loss.  And… circle of life… we know there will be a child.

A birth, new characters, the old ones, vampire mythology – and something about a war? I can’t wait. And if you can’t wait either, remember to check out the Being Human blog daily.  There will be exclusive content starting from next week.  Yes, I said daily!

‘Eve of the War’ episode 1 of Being Human season 4 is just 11 sleeps away! Hooooooray!