Have been working on and looking at Joomla and WordPress more deeply over the break. I have now uploaded and installed the two systems in a testing directory on my website, the URL’s are below.



The setup process of the two system’s was slightly different, the wordpress was easy as I had done this one before for my main website which I am writing on right now. The joomla system was a bit more complex but still staight forward, it needed extra things like ftp access etc. I have just the basic levels of knoledge for the database side/MySQL etc to be able to know what I am doing.

Over the Easter break I was messing around with Joomla trying to experiment with how it works, as I had never used it before. I found it a bit complicated and thought to myself that if I am finding it so, then maybe the client will suffer as well. I was trying to delete, move things and edit stuff so much that in the end it just stoped working, it was brocken so I just left it at that. I might have a look at it again in my third year.

With WordPress over the Easter break I just kept looking through every possible option of changing everything even down to the css and php.